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At CXOE, we are distinctive in our approach. While selecting candidates, we combine an objective assessment of skills and qualifications, helping our clients to make the right hire and develop an outstanding executive team. For individual candidates, we help them build their dream careers by finding them the perfect opportunities.


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Harsh Wardhan

(CEO) Business Consulting & Board Practice

Harsh has spearheaded Business Units and operations in large multi-national corporations including; PepsiCo, Jindal Urban Infrastructure, Securitas, G4S, Shaw Wallace, UNICEF and other large Indian companies.

Gurpawan Singh

Corporate Security & Business Advisor

Garry (Gurpawan) is a professional – entrepreneur. He understands India and South Asia extremely well and have assisted numerous companies to establish and grow operations in India.

Ashok Sakuja

Skills & Training Advisor

A qualified interviewing officer from Defence Institute of Psychological Research who specialises in conducting selection of candidates for positions at higher levels in the Corporate and Government assignments, through psychometric techniques.

Shveta Kapur

T&A Consultant

Training and Assessment Consultant Shveta has worked as Senior Executive with Osram / Siemens group in their corporate office in Gurugram, India. She has also worked with APN Newspapers for 7 years in Brisbane, Australia.

We Cater To

Banking & Financial Services

India is an emerging economy. We need a sound and effective banking system for a healthy economy. Banks & Financial institutions play a vital role in the economic development of a country.

Consultancy Firms

Big consultancy firms have a lot on their shoulders and the demand for manpower is at a high. We aim at providing a reliable and promising services to the firms in the consultancy industry.

Aviation & Hospitality

Aviation & Hospitality industry is at a boom since the last decade and has spread its wings to reach new heights. With the growth of the industry comes the huge demand for manpower.


Today’s manufacturing companies require energetic individuals who are competitive, motivated and can drive top-line development along with improving the bottom-line basics.


The technology industry is one of the fastest growing industry and very competitive. The sector has alone increased its contribution to India’s GDP from 1.2% in 1998 to 7.7% in 2017.

Legal Practice

India has the worlds second largest legal profession with more than 600,000 attorneys. The service providers are mainly individual attorneys, small or family based firms.


FMCG is one of the most preferred sectors for skilled employees to work in. It has a market size of $13.1 billion and is the fourth largest in the Indian economy. The competition is cut throat and is growing at a rapid rate, which increase the need for recruitment consultants.


India has made progress in increasing the attainment rate of education. Indias education industry is one of the largest in the world and rapidly extending its arms towards E-Learning.

Media & Entertainment

The Media and Entertainment Industry has and will continue to contribute to Indias economic growth, Thus we can say that it is emerging as a crucial sector for India’s development.

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Our Greatest Assets

Deep Analysis 96%
Focused Approach 98%
Global Understanding 97%

Choosing Us Means

Understanding your needs & Deliver tailored HR solutions: Successfully matching a candidate’s qualifications to your needs goes far beyond basic educational and experiential information.

Mapping the market: We provide our clients with access to industry-leading candidates by mapping and benchmarking the market for specific skills, salary & roles

Cultural Fit: We Make sure there is a cultural fit between the candidate and the client.

Expert Searches: Searches being help by specialists in each industry.

Deep Industry Knowledge: Our Leaders can be seen holding webinars and sharing their knowledge and expertise. They guarantee that they are current on industry patterns, and make and sustain endless aray of industry influencers and choice makers.

Partnerships & Collaborations: We deeply believe in partnerships & collaborations with mutual benefits. A contract that is aimed at a win win situation for both the parties. Doing so we are able to connect the right leaders with the right company and reach individual goals.

Focus on an Objective Approach: It is simple for associations to drop into the trap of selecting individuals who fit the same profile as their forerunners, but we, CXOE an executive search firm can empower you to think exterior the box to discover individuals who will offer assistance your business and help it develop and evolve.

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